The Jack That Came Back

Okay I had to have a little fun with the first post after a couple weeks of.......not getting as much done as I wanted........not actually getting to see my sister she had been called for a job etc. and just could not leave.........however I did camp on the lake in 104 degree weather for most of the 8 days........I did paint a ton of furniture and I did send off all the last of the Union Jacks I had sewn before I left....

I had a very sweet person send a Union Jack throw back because the color in the square was not as pastel as she had hoped. (she is an awesome FB friend and blogger and I did not want her stuck with something she was not 100 percent happy with) The color in the square is an overdyed denim blue that is almost grey blue in color..   My Antiquing buddy Barb (who has been following the Jack Drama....) and I could not get over the irony of the Jack coming back.  I had decided not to sew them sold off a bunch of fabric etc. and here it came?? Is that a sign? hahaha the Jack keeps coming back.....

Two weeks later and I am still laughing.....the Jack came back!!  (this was a pic of my hubby daughter and I this week at Grapevine Vineyards Campground) I always end up shutting my eyes in pics...

So Here goes have fun with me here............

I am going to give away the Jack that came back

Rules, either you are already a follower or you need to become one and make a comment on my blog, 
that gets ya'll one entry

If you post about this giveaway on your blog that will give you two Entries

I appreciate it and know that this Jack will find a loving home!

Don't get me wrong I am going to keep sewing just looking for new fabric combinations to use and going to be stocking my booth again this week!!

This coming sunday morning with my coffee I will tear numbers and awake daughter and have her pick from a jar the good ole fashion way so all is fair and she has a blast!

Thanks for having fun with me!! Good luck my friends


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