The Light will Always Shine Through!!

I know I promised my next post to show Christmas Quilts I have made and one in the works.........well.......Life happened

 All is well but between Emergency room with ear infection for little one, Vet emergencies for Cat with an infected eye and my little dog Baker was hit on accident (by me) he is recovering and is running and chasing squirrels today but it has been rough. Visiting  ENT Specialist and allergist and Optometrist with my little one, and having adult daughter move to California with Husband and Grandbaby helping them pack knowing how much I was going to miss them and wishing them luck while mourning the distance that will now be between us. One of my other adult children really really needed my help the last few days in a very well stressful event that is not yet completely over....

Well I got a little down and a little behind and just was not feeling the holiday spirit I was downright gloomy.....................and then Yesterday in the middle of just about as much stress as I could possibly handle I decided the day was too beautiful to fret, mourn, or even think and went to the park with my daughter for a walk.

 Not only would we have missed this beautiful decorated tree but I would have missed the moment when I felt my spirits lift, I felt worry being taken off of my shoulders and I realized that God's light will always shine through.  I want to share the picture with you of Yesterday in the park and want to encourage anyone who is not at peace to get in touch with nature  go for a walk, between the fresh air and the beauty I was able to hear that still small voice again, !!

 Life is good and the light will ALWAYS shine through

The great outdoors! Walking at our park  Free Therapy

The light Always shines through!!!

My Little Ella Grace who just moved to California right before her first Christmas.........I cannot wait to go visit her in the spring, beach cottage rental, playing in the sand with the girls there are things to look forward to! Till then Poppa and I will learn to Skype

Poppa and his girls!  Abby to the left and  Ella Grace on Poppa's lap

Link to view Rudolph Spotted at my Texas Ranch House and my Christmas tree!

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My next post really will be of three Christmas quilts, I promise really really!

Feeling Blessed!


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