The old Barn and the Sisters

After the loss of my mother last March I inherited boxes upon boxes of family photo's that I had not seen for quite sometime.  I just wanted to share this photo as is such a part of me, sadly my mom, gramma, grampa, and Brother are no longer with us but my sisters and I are still very close.  My father must have been the one taking this picture as he is the only one not in it, I am in the white dress, my little sister is Wendy and my sister whom is eleven months older than me is Dora, she is wearing red, our dear brother Michael passed at 28 and was the first in this group to leave us, my sisters have known me the longest they hold in their  memories all of our history. Having sisters is a wonderful thing as they remind me of my family that has passed on, expressions, words, smiles remind me of those I miss so dearly.

Well here is the barn behind the  farmhouse we lived in ontop a hill in Indiana for a time, it was on 82 acres the house was built in the 1870's  wouldn't you love to have the old iron fireplace!  I used to play in the barn and act out the movie Oklahoma!  There was a creek and we had many snakes and had to walk over/around cow patties, we had a garden, cats, dogs, chickens, and my mom would let us run barefoot all summer and play in mudpuddles and then hose us off before we came inside, this was my very favorite house/memories from childhood.

I remember riding my bike up that dang hill listening to a transistor radio with batteries, I had a yellow bike with a basket that had a flower on it, I remember singing the night they drove ole dixie down, and gypsies tramps and thieves, or Rose Garden all popular songs that would play in the early seventies on the one or two channels that would come in. Said bike can be seen or just an edge of it in the bottoom right corner of picture.

We survived a tornado on this land, one that knocked out the chicken coop, apple trees and broke windows, it went completely around the house and down the street and lifted a neighbors roof off.  I remember not only my Gramma but my Great Grannie still being alive at this time and going with her and mom  to the sale barn did I become a junk fanatic????????? hmmmm.......

Wendy and Dora  I love you both so much and mom would be so happy with all that has happened this last year for each of us!  You are both so precious and such a part of me. I just want you to know that.

I have many many pictures of ancestors in farm and victorian houses that I would love to share!  More to come!


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