The pumpkins are here! Pickers Point Keller TX Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkins are here the pumpkins are here!!

Where can you hunt for wonderful antiques, decorative things for yourself and your home and...............take family to pumpkin patch and get a free little pumpkin with every large pumpkin Pickers Point Keller Texas!!

We had such a blast!  Love that they have cutouts and hay for picture taking!

Abby loved being able to walk the patch and pick her pumpkin!
Abby and I

I of course had to take my daughter the first day they set up We found a wonderful pumpkin and she got a baby one to paint.  We had our pictures taken and we will go back for decorative gourds and to paint one of the wooden stakes to put in our yard and make a couple trips of fun out of it!

Don't forget to bring a camera as they have an awesome setup with cutouts to take your picture, let the kids roam round and pick a pumpkin, they even have wooden pumpkin stakes that children can customize with paint on site!!  Too cool Ya'll, this is a wonderful way to celebrate fall!  (I have a little bit of candy at my booth too hope you stop by but don't be scared by my "French Masquerade" Ball I have going on at my place! 

Pickers Point is staying open till 8pm and the pumpkin patch will be available through the October 31st, so everyone in our community can have an opportunity to join the fun and come get their pumpkins! 

Hope to see  you there!



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