The Reveal "Shanty Girl Studio"

I want to thank my Sister Wendy Dunn  of Digitally Dunn  for not only helping me take down the Cherry Cola pink room
but Wendy also  did all the photo's of my completed studio. 

Here is a link of the studio furniture in process

I am  happy to say that my Garage Sale I had over this weekend paid for this room redo twice over, including paint and painting supplies, furniture, decor and little goodies I bought from Etsy Artisians!! I reduced the junk quota in my house by 50 percent and now I have a New Studio and Christmas money from that sale. It was a win win for me!! "What's in your Attic?"

And now It is complete, garage sale is over and I can dedicate all my time for designing and sewing!

I hope you enjoy viewing my little corner of the world......................

Shanty Girl Studio

Thank you for stopping in to look at my studio!! This is where I create.
This is the view walking in the door of my home studio, showing my sewing corner

This is the opposite wall heading back out the door, showing Abbigails sewing corner, the leaves on the buffet come out and we can each turn our chairs around and do more crafting work, the buffet also serves as a cutting table I hold my cutting supplies in the bottom drawer and it will roll anywhere in the room! I put a apartment size iron board on top for ironing when creating aprons and bags.

Here we have the left wall of Shanty Studio, this is where the mannequins reside and the chiffarobe
 holds all my completed aprons and bags, I love how Wendy captured my sewing machine in the reflection of the mirror, the corner antique sewing basket holds all the scraps that Abby is allowed to sew with. Abby and  I sit in that corner to read

Let's take a closer look

My Gramma Sharps family Heirloom figurines

Bird Cage Abbigail picked out and decorated.  I love how it reflects in the antique mirror, this is the
easiest pet we have to care for!!

This is Abbigial's sewing bench she sits here when I read and all my scraps go in it,
This is Abby's fabric stash to cut and play with 

My newest Favorite publication "Creating Vintage Charm" Beautiful photography
Very inspiring articles and photo's you can visit them at

My Antique French Chair, this is where I sit to drink coffee and read my magazines for inspiration

My Tea stained gauze curtains, purchased from Shabby Y. Local antique dealer that I absolutely love, I check her booth all the time to see what is new at LoneStar Antiques, she is so creative!!

Abby and I both have vintage ice cream parlor chairs sitting at our tables, Remember Julia the 100 year old Sewing table, she is working great for me, I love sitting here and sewing, I am getting so inspired!  The end table was my 3.00 garage sale find, perfect for sitting my drinks and ipod as the top is faux marble and wipes off!! It has a large drawer that pulls out, more storage!! I love my birdcage lamp fixture covered with
french ticking and linens, it has pockets with vintage pictures I will show more pictures of it in another post!
I just love to be inspired with vintage pictures and memorabilla while designing and sewing.

Some of my inspirations placed in antique sewing drawers staring down at me
while I sew

lovely pin cushion from I have recieved a couple more
items from Jeanne's shop since the photo shoot and will show those next week!  The antique sewing drawers on the end table, I just could not paint, the natural wood and detail is beautiful, they house my crochet needles and vintage lace!

My view while sewing.   OOOPS, trash day, we wanted to keep all pictures natural without editing
so here is my view, trash cans and all!

Abby's corner, this sewing table with working singer machine was a ten dollar find
she came from the same home as "Julia"

The old chippy wire shelve hangs above Abbigails Sewing area,
we keep inspirations, vintage lace, stamps, cards and gifts we have recieved.
I have some of my tinkered treasures on this shelve!

I crocheted the top doilie and the bottom one under the pink chippy wire basket was done by My Great Granny Lee

 My late Gramma Sharps Vase is filled with fresh flowers, and I love the scent of dried French Lavender stalks hung from bent spoons aside of my Shabby "Paris" mirror, again (Shabby Y)

We are not sure if it is the ceiling fan, our passing by, or an ancestor hanging out every now and then
but our little bell rings often.............................

Now things were starting to get just a little too fru fru and you have to add a little bit of rust, the idea for what I did for this piece came about two hours before Wendy showed up to photgraph. It was a little boring painted just white, it just did not look happy, And Julia (antique sewing desk) was a little bored as well so I grabbed a can of stain and played. Here is what I came up with, this area reminds me of my country roots, my father the late Wendell Faulkner and that ole rusty truck. I get the biggest grin every time I pass the piece it is now My favorite thing in this room!

I got this from
Another local Antique Dealer whom I adore stalking her booth!  Ruby Grace
It is special to me as I lived in Indiana on a farm and my Granny Lee we visited in Kentucky
Brings back wonderful memories

This is a vintage framed Newspaper from Maine, reminds me of my Maine family and
ancestors on my father's side
I love the picture of the birds on it

Alice's (my hubby's late mother) buttons and My Hubby's Great Gramma's jars and buttons
on his father's side

I keep all shipping supplies, cardboard for Thank you cards, etc. in the drawers
and all my designer fabric hang out inside armoir on shelves!!
This was painted white, slapped on some stain..........and simply stamped with
trucks and roses,  these are the same stamps I use on cardboard for my thank you cards in my shop!
Dresser  is washable and  stamps are permanent! !

Shanty Girl is Wearing French Masquerade, I am wearing Farmhouse Romance
My original designs, Dad's words of wisdom are written on our chalkboard.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my little spot where I create! 

At first I mourned when my 6.5 year old announced she was just too old for the cherry cola pink playroom with her little tykes desk, kitchenette, table and chairs etc.  She had moved on to American Girl and Barbie which reside in her bedroom.  I cried, I asked over and over "are you sure"  I walked around the house in mourning, remember since she was  18 months old when we painted the room and setup the "house" for her. We changed many doll diapers, we played restaraunt, I have been served numerous gourmet meals of dirt and sticks in that room mixed with some water!  2 weeks passed every vision of my sweet little girl came through my head, but .............then..............  I pulled everything in the hall, we painted room, had a yard sale and now somehow...............with my new
I think I will recover

We are on to the next Stage in our lives, she now comes into my space to spend time creating
Life is good!

Please come back to see post on
how I covered the chairs and whom inspired me, just exactly what did I do with that
Painters tarp??? To be given away.......!!   Coming Soon, I am off to ship a couple of custom bags
design a "Carriage" bag I have been drawing out and a new Old world influenced apron.

Real Parisian flat

I found this picture after my room was almost complete, being inspired by this picture I got another frame from and a mirror for the corner by the bird cage. Do You think I captured the look and feel?

Please tell me what you think about my room redo??? I would love to hear your opinion!

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