The Shanty Chateau - First look

I dropped off my first load of furniture in my booth today and I am having so much fun!  This mall is not open yet and there is alot of work to be done by June 1st.  I am totally excited and have been junkin by morning.......painting afternoon........and looking at my inspirational blogs, books and mags by night......I just love it!  Tomorrow I will take another load of furniture and then sew, sew, sew.........

I need to get barnwood and paint a sign for the overhang and ruffle up a bunch of burlap to hang around.......
I will use antique doors to the left for a wall but just a ponywall of barn fencing to the right as that is a main door for people to come in to the "barn area" and I want them to be able to view my booth from the door without closing it off, less hanging room more openess, I think that is important

Thanks for looking
I hope everyone is having a Terrific Tuesday!


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