THis weeks Haul

Life has been so busy lately!!   My hubby did bring home some awesome goodies that I painted and we took down to Shantygirl@ Lonestar over the weekend.  Wanted to show  a picture of our haul!  We also took a mantle down

I love painting, I love sewing I did sew some Deep in the heart of Texas pillows to match the throws my customers had ordered last week.  I am sewing ShantyJack pillows sometime this week!

I will be adding some pillows to the etsy shop as soon as I get a little more caught up!!

The walls went from wood to some white to blue to back to white again last week.....
But not all the walls are completely done....I am stopping form painting as I have my sweet little niece coming for the week and will be taking family time!!

Kitchen is just waiting on  cafe curtains I ordered fabric, My Sons Girlfriend Tausha was here painting with me most of last week she is a doll!!

I will work on my New Orleans  Patina post while the little one is napping this week since I won't be breaking out the paint this week, what are you working on this week??

Have a wonderful week

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