This weeks Haul Part 1 has been awhile since I have blogged.......I have been staying very busy with my painting, and with my new obsession of Ballet/Barre workouts....that was/is a major focus of mine right now!

Since I do have a business that I love I decided I needed to do better with the balancing act......I will be blogging, painting and sewing and sharing again!!

I wanted to show a picture of today's makeover I have many things to show you lined up in the driveway but I am excited about this before and Almost after!

Going off to find this girl some pretty hardware as she deserves a complete overhaul she is solid wood and will be around for many generations to come,  I used my beloved Annie Sloan Chalkpaint and I sanded and restained the top  she is paired with an antique swivel chair.....looks just like the one pottery barn sells only this is very solid sturdy solid to the core wood!

Here she is  I will take more pictures this week of my other goodies  I am off to Grapevine Antique Mall to take a look around and off to get some hardware hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

Almost done, just needs some cute hardware!

As Found at yard sale

Paired with the very sturdy antique roller chair I think she turned out purdy!!

Updated to add a picture with Hardware

Pics of the rest of the makeovers later this week!!

I will be stocking Lonestar Booth all week long!


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