This Weeks Pour!

Wow things always take a little longer than expected.....still working on labeling and creating hangtags and placing warning labels (always on bottom of glass jars)  to this weeks pour.

The going to the Candle Supply, getting jars, wax, scents, wicks and then the pouring, testing new scents, curing etc. is only a small part of what my small chandlery work consists of  after candles are cured I make the labels on my computer, cut out and handstamp tags and tie them on my jars, I label and tie little jute knots on my tart melts.  Then if they go in retail they need to be price tagged carried to shop and displayed, if they are going online picture needs to be taken and a listing added. As online items sell they are packed weighed for postage driven to post office and I add little handwritten notes as I love what I do, but just a little bit more to it than what meets the eye sometimes.  I don't know where the time gets away.  And this is in between painting, waxing and stocking furniture lol,  hmmm no wonder my house is not in the best shape.. I have been real good about meals this week though thank heavens for cold weather and it being acceptable to throw things in crockpot almost daily!! :)

This weeks pour pic

Many New scents being stocked instore Saturday added online  this weekend.

Our little Etsy shop will be closed during the week of Thanksgiving so we can spend time with our family, all orders should be placed early in the week to be shipped before we close.  We will open again after Thanksgiving to take Christmas orders but will close again on Dec. 15 in order to get everything shipped and spend our Holidays with family.

What are your Holiday plans?  We are going to head out on an unplanned road trip don't know where we will end up not sure where we will eat our Thanksgiving Meal, we want to just pack a bag hit the road, and end up- where we end up.  It has been awhile since we have done that I am so excited!!  I have two grown sons staying at the place so all is well here with the animals we are free to go!

Have a Wonderful day all Shantygirl@ Grapevine to be stocked tomorrow morning!!


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