Today's Haul and My Arles France Holiday Rental Inspiration

As you all know I am a big pinterest fan, yesterday I looked up lavender crafts as I am a lavender freak.....things to make for my home and my booth and I was inspired by Freckled Laundry to make Lavender dipped letters and a Garland, I like to take inspirations and put my own touch/spin on  them

Then this Morning I dreamily looked at french vacation rentals with my coffee, no trip is planned but I go away in my mind for just a few minutes during the wee hours of the morning this particular vacation rental in Arles gave me the inspiration to paint a dresser my husband brought in last night!

This Inspired me

To do this

My Lavender Clay heart All you  need is Love Sachets are filled with three quarters cup of high quality french lavender my daughter in Law to be Tasha and I thought these up!!  They can go in a drawer sit by the bed, hang in closet or car  just squeeze everynow and again and they will release a very refreshing calming lavender scent.  I made a few clay tags to hang these can decorate bottles
dressers just anywhere you want a handmade rustic touch!

And here she is in my retail space  shantygirl@grapevineantiquemarket

Thanks for reading I hope you have a blessed creative day!!


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