Today's projects, the shop and Annie Sloan Chalkpaint

Today's fun things were taking roses stamping some, taking hand stamped muslin, magnets, vintage buttons and making

vintage Sap buckets,  Vintage duck feeder, two vintage ball jar chicken feeders, magnet bling and magnet bon bon's

I spent more time today in booth stocking, it is starting to get full finally.

My aqua corner

Shabby Whites

Table display with lots of silver

Ackward little corner till I finish a piece that goes here

I put our plethora of old bottles circa pre 1930 as they were dug up in fort worth after a road was torn up that was laid in 1930, this is a find of my husbands alot are medicine bottles, tabacco snuff, ink etc.

French Gray Vintage Shutters

I handpainted alot of vintage mail sorters, coffee racks and put them in this area

There's ShantyGirl wearing the New York City apron that Made it to the debut party of the Where Women Cook and all the way home again!  My design.

My blue Farmhouse finds filled with smalls

I like to try to keep this sidewall with windows, magnetic chalkboards, cabinets

Hmmmmmmmmm wish the space was twice this size so I could take down another buffet server and a few more upholstered chairs, drop leaf table................

I am going to Mckinney tomorrow with my sister and we are going to SMITTEN Antique/Decor to pick up



I am biting the bullet making the drive and stocking up on a few colors, I will show my french provencial pieces and victorian items we picked up last week as they are complete with the AS Chalkpaint.  I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday all!


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