Unique Chandy Hanger Pics of all my work this week

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I have been sprucing my booths at Lonestar the last few days......I have yet to take the French Blue doors down there and hang I am thinking twice about hanging them as I will not be as visible with the furniture however, I think they will add an ambience that will be awesome so I may sacrifice a little visibility for them to be hung.  What do you think?  Sacrifice space to put a dresser or something to creat an even longer door of walls and an ambience to the smaller booth that will draw one in??? or stack to the gills with furniture???  I think a shock of blue french blue down that hall would be awesome!

In the past I have shown alot of before and afters and talked about how I painted them......the volume of furniture that I am moving either through booth or custom orders has prevented me from doing that lately so I will just show the goodies I stocked in my booth.

I wanted to show a little of my spaces and my chandy hanger of choice

Lonestar is large 200 dealers and a tearoom I am at the endcap  of the very first ISLE you walk down if you make a left when first coming in the door This is the front of my booth and I have also taken the booth to my right wanted to show this pic so my customers could find my second booth I also put a sign in my booth about the booth next door.  After consolidating all to one antique mall I found for now I needed enough space to display what I had, I am not sure if I will always keep that much space but for now it is necessary.  Please stop by my second booth if you are visiting lonestar!!

I had forgotten to take my drill to put up chandeliers but this deer made a wonderful make due, it may stay like this I think it is fun!

lot's of end tables a few american girl doll or teddy bear sized desks, fireplaces

I just had to add some purple, this is a 1920's art deco waterfall front piece done in Emille and Paloma!

Victorian Eastlake with original handles

Oh yeh alot of the dealers are having wonderful sales through month of May!  I will be doing 20 percent off for the spring sale!  This dresser was done in Soldier blue and Snow White Milk paint,  I sure did have a blast using the milkpaint love the textures  This was a farmhouse salvage piece literally saved from a caving in farmhouse.

Tealight Chandeliers, wrought iron turn of the century beds, coco painted french tables

This was the top drawer of an unsalvagable dresser look at the spot for letters and ink dresser was also farmhouse find.  We were invited in an old farmhouse to salvage what we could.  More on that later.......I found ledgers, songs written all in the 1800's!  There were snakeskins about and I got 2 beautiful turn of the century Chandeliers.....for my house..

I added alot of vintage china to my "french bird house"  I had a customer see this and have me paint one for their Jewelry store, that is done but I want to show pics of hers in her store,  it is Pink  Antoinette pink!  More pics later as she opens her store!

This very old two piece dresser lit hutch is my favorite for putting my market items and vintage finds!

I am down to only one of my handmade aprons, I have purchase alot of Rachel Ashwell Fabric and linen and will be doing many more over the next few weeks to stock in booth and etsy shop.

Had to throw in some blue, Love these book shelves

Another Art deco 1920's piece, these buffet servers are awesome for dining or flatscreen Tv.  I had painted the mirror behind it and drybrushed.

Just an overall view of my second booth  Small but cozy and right next to the big one. I love being in one place and focusing all my energy gas and time on one Mall!!Still have lots of room for wall hangings, smalls and hand made items!

Oh this is shot in an ole garage I work in but had to show Marie Antoinette, she will look much better hung at the jewelry store  I have a blue one in my booth and have had people ask me to do ones for them I have had request for ones to put as kitchen cabinets, behind counters at stores, in other booths, and one for a flatscreen tv with all the componets

Marie will reside behind a counter hung on the wall at a Jewelry/gift shop, I had a blast doing one in pin,pink  Annie Sloans "Antoinette" Pink that is!!

it is quite a bit of work painting insides top bootom side,  takes awhile but I had fun with the transformation, I will post pics when the store is open

This is another dealer at Lonestar, Hunter House designs.  My husband cut out two of the drawers to make for larger shelves he added trim to the center  I heavily stained inside.

This was a little nightstand with missing drawers so hubby cut it in half to be more shallow and added a back, I will hang this on the wall in my smaller booth to house my Chandy nightlights that I sell.

Thanks for reading/looking, I am awaiting fabric to finish the Union Jack throws I am making one for me and One for Tausha over at Simply Me.  I will be sewing, painting, gardening (tomatoe plants are doing great!) and singing!! Yes music  playing singing dancing and working!

Have a wonderful week Ya'll

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