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I wanted to post a few pictures of the Antique Gallery that I will be moving into later this coming week.  Uniques Gallery Antiques is only 4 miles North of my current Location at Pickers Point same side of the road on highway 377.  Both Antique shops are so different from eachother.  I am a Roanoke resident with  Roanoke Address, however pay taxes to the city of Keller and Keller schools so.........when I get the who am I? Whom  should I support? What is my hometown feeling, well now  I can feel covered by supporting both towns!

Pickers point in Keller is a very traditional Antique Mall with booths filled to the brim with awesome finds.  My booth there has furniture but is also packed to the brim with smalls that my husband and I enjoy "picking", whereas Uniques Gallery  Antiques in Roanoke gives me the feel of a decorators showcase flowing from one area to the next very open no closed off sections, a very nice way to display furniture and being that I specialize in European finishes on Antique furniture I am excited to display at Yoly Alvarez's Antique store as well!

Here are a couple of pictures of Uniques Gallery

I adore this corner that is tiled with beautiful white tile on the wall, it feels so old world european. There is a beaded doorway that leads to a beautiful area for upscale clothing, hats and bags on consignment. There is a cute little dressing room as well.

 When I walked in and saw Yoly's decorator touches, the smell of fresh coffee, Air conditioned enough to blow wind through my hair in the 105+ heat we had that day.  Soft hip music playing well............I fell in love with this new shop!
The owner has alot of beautiful dark wood flawless pieces and felt that my painted furniture
would make a nice fit in her shop. She wants variety and is still looking for a couple more dealers!

More of Yoly's Antique Goodies

In my own home I like to mix painted finds with natural woods.  If a piece has a beautiful finish I will not touch with paint. If the finished will never be made to look immaculate then it is a fine candidate for painting. I for instance would never paint this vanity. I feel that is part of the European/Old world style. Dark natural wood mixed with Painted finds!

Just another area filled with Antiques and beautiful Glassware

As a decorator and Events Coordinator, Yoly's shop is jawdropping

Here is my corner.  At first I was afraid that my -Shantygirl chic type goodies would clash
with Yoly's very glamourous look, I went home thought about it and felt it would be a perfect fit. 
My booth will be open and flowing with the rest of the floor, I will utilize walls for my
Magnetic Chalk boards and beautiful antique mirrors.......

I hope I can do this area justice! And I hope any of my readers whom live in the area will stop by and take a look at this brand new Antique Gallery in Roanoke TX.   Roanoke TX has been named the Unique dining capital of Texas, with over 40 unique dining destinations, several Antique stores, a Ten thousand Square foot retail store to open soon and the building of a complete new town center, a new waterpark.   This will be a destination town to shop and play!

Thanks for reading!! I will be taking a few blogging days off to get my Goodies ready restock Shantygirl@ Pickers Point and to open Shantygirl @ Uniques Gallery On September 1st!

Have a Wonderful end of August!


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