Uniques Gallery Roanoke TX, pics of Shantygirl Booth!

Ok, first layer building doors wall.  Thanks to my wonderful friend Barbara who not only gave me the idea and some doors!  And my wonderful Mr. Hicks whom built the walls.  Done

Second Layer putting in furniture Done

Third layer  Hanging chalkboards mirrors and decorative wall items on my list for tomorrow

Fourth layer smalls.........later in the week

Here are pictures of my booth so far at Uniques Gallery, Roanoke TX  824 North Highway 377

I am in the "Pavillion" Area, the owner and her husband are still in process of hanging chandeliers, fans, greenery and leasing other booths. I am the first "tenant"  I love how you can see my booth from the door of the main room!

Stilll needs layer 3 and four but here is what we have so far!

Remember all my blue and white inspiration photo's this is what I was inspired to do for the booth
Bright blue antiqued lead glass door (not real old but painted up beautifully) surrounded by antique white chippiness, Old chippy white doors have original hardware on most of them some have glass inserts, Hubby found one door........Friend gave/traded me for a few and I found the rest locally, love antique doors!
Here is my Arles Dresser
My Antique Curio painted in "Provence"  Still has original key!!

Here is the exposed brick wall and lavender garage door that are in the "Pavillion"!!  Love the European feel I get with the colors, exposed brick and the very high ceilings, we are putting many more things in this room over the next few months, layers layers layers

On the Weekend these doors are open on either side of the Pavillion, I love the owners taste and the antique wrought ironwork!

Just a few  more pics of all the shabby goodness in the pavillion area

Here are a few pics of the main showroom And Yoly the owner of Uniques Gallery
(Very wonderful Sweet and fun lady!)

Yolie Alvarez has been in the business since 1986 and has design and event planning experience, I love the counter she and her husband built last week!  She faux painted it, love her blues!  We share love of some of the same colors!!

Yolie has a plethora of beautiful antiques and is bringing a bunch of beautiful french provencial pieces
in over the next few weeks

I am afraid everytime I come through I see something I would like to have.........

More Lovelies

I adore this wall as well, Yolie  and Mauricio Alvarez even made the bathroom of their shop absolutely beautiful! 
 I think we have a wonderful mix of Traditional Wood Untouched Antiques, Beautiful silver and
Antique plates, linens and European/Shabby hand painted goodness, Yolie also has a room with beautiful clothing, purses and shoes, we are 1 block from the row of restaraunts in Roanoke wich has been named the "Unique Dining Capitol of Texas!" 

Thanks so much for reading and of course I would love for any of you readers in the area to stop by!

Tomorrow I will be sprucing up Shantygirl booth at Pickers Point in Keller ( I have a 100 + year old Iron bed that just wants to go hang out there so badly and wants to be surrounded by the french provencial chest, vanities and chairs that I have acquired recently.....)

Hope you Tuesday has been and will continue to be the best!!


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