Uptown Country Home Dallas, chalkpaint and a flatbed panel......

About once a month I need to make the trip to get some chalk paint. I love using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Milk Paint for my furniture, I was making the trip to Mckinney close to an hour to get my paint and LadyButterbug who sells it started stocking in a store in Dallas called Uptown Country Home.

My Friend Barb and I go to get paint, buy antiques and then we eat Shrimp and Grits at Half Shells, I was able to meet my son Cole on one of my trips as well. It turns into an event to get paint but an event that I love!  I wanted to share pictures of my the store and on this trip I got a chippy salvaged piece that I thought was old fencing with hooks on it to hang behind my table in kitchen.....I will hang lavender and aprons from it,  looking for a simple prairie feel!

.I was not sure if hubby would like something so primitive when I got home he said you know what that is don't you????  I said fence.....he said no it is the sidepanel for an ole flatbed pickup.........ok,   I said that just upped the cool factor one hundred percent.....I am in the process of taking of the newer hooks that were put on the piece and attaching antique wire hooks that my wonderful friend Barb gave me to use...(she is the one that saw this piece in the corner when I had passed it by.....) Thanks Barb!!
Hanging from the flatbed panel is the new laundry bag I bought on last trip from the shop!

Here are Pics of Uptown Country Home in Highland Village Dallas, if you are ever in the area, this and lunch at Half Shells is a must!1

Barb got this Wolf 1940's Mannequin and named her DeDe Electra!  She is caged I did not get a good shot of her tattered caged beauty

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's day Weekend, My mom is up in heaven and I miss her so.  Cherish your mothers for as long as you can.


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