Valentines Day at the BARRE

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

My New Years Resolution was to get fit this year, and well, I decorated ballet room  broke out all my pilates/barre work video's, moved the treadmill in there and have done a few workouts in there but not quite doing enough to reach my physical fitness goals, I am lacking motivation.

so....for Valentines Day my husband and I picked our own presents....He has a large collection of Vintage Fixed Blade Knives he found another wonderful addition to his collection that we purchased and I  went to starbucks this morning and then proceeded to

Pure Barre and.....signed up for a month unlimited and got a ballet wrap and some non skid pure barre socks to work out in, no candy no flowers I called hubby and said this is what I really really want don't get me candy please.......

Now I was nervous and put off joining for some time, my thoughts

I will be the oldest,,,, owner said no we have ladies who are seventy

Okay I will be the biggest......owner said no we have ladies of all shapes sizes, nationalities, lady's needing different modifications for different reasons etc.

Okay I will be the weakest and the other ladies will notice me unable to finish all the reps....Owner said.....other ladies are excited with new comers and to help eachother reach goals, other ladies are too busy working out to even pay attention to who is doing what.....

So I signed and my first workout is tomorrow, for those of you that think this is not a romantic valentines present, I think that being able to get a cute wrap and socks and having a month of live barre lessons in a beautiful environment equals me feeling better and being more feminine equals romantic valentines.... so wish me luck!!

to Learn more about Pure Barre
  Pure Barre Southlake TX has a Facebook Page

I will still use my ballet room to stretch do a video to supplement classes and of course the cardio on the treadmill but I feel attending classes will help motivate me to workout daily

This week another...doing what I had been dreaming about but afraid to do......a Trail Ride for me And Abby (Daughter) We will be going Saturday and riding on Grapevine Lake we sat this up two weeks ago and had to cancel but weather permitting I will doing two things this week that I have just sat on my butt and daydreamed about for the last couple of years........

Photo of Riders on Grapevine Lake Trail 

Me finally calling Marshal Creek Ranch.....

Can I do it?  Lady on other end of phone said yes
Do I weigh too much?  Lady on other end of phone said no and she was surprised I was honest about that question but it was a true concern of mine
Do I need to wait until I am more fit?  Lady on other end of Phone said this will help get you fit
Will I fall?  Lady on other end of phone said take a beginner trail ride advance to Intermediate and eventually take advanced canter run on lake through streams and night trails You can do it she said.....

I envisioned myself fit in cute jeans riding like the wind with hair flying through streams over hills round the lake,,,,,,,aaah okay wake up lets start with beginner ride.....


Cost of Ballet Barre Workout classes and  Horseback riding can easily be deferred by cutting cost of junk food sodas, unhealthy snacks........and eventually saving on any healthcare cost that are obtained by living an unfit is a proven fact that fresh air and exercise save on medication, health cost and physicatric care of most kinds........

Just had to throw a picture in of daughters  (Abby, 8) love for horses, she gets all the toys out and leaves them right in the living room floor......most of the a mom of grown children  I know that someday I will miss the day she leaves toys on the floor so I embrace these cute imaginative little happy messes of course we clean up for visitors but hey a house is to be lived and played in!!!

Have a wonderful Valentines Ya'll


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