Vintage Beauties I get to keep!

Oh being in the business there are many many items I complete that I would just love to keep!  I think that is part of success in the Antique world/sewing design world is to only do things you love and would love to have and that keeps your heart in your work!

However to keep I must get rid of something as to not overflow the house or there must be a purpose or a place for it!

These two items are items I found a spot for and am letting go things that previously took their place!

My Husband brought home this beautiful old telephone table, and he said I think I would rather have this
than what I have as a nightstand, this piece came to me dark wood and chippy and I used provence and old white, medium dark briwax and I fell in love with it and am happy he wanted something higher up for his side of the bed.

Yes my hubby has the all theTV controll, on his side of the bed. The Red Leather Rose is for staging
and has very special meaning to me as my dear brother Michael Lee Faulkner, who is now in heaven made it for me back in 1980.

The Bucket is one I rescued from the top of our trashcan, it was used as a welding rod
holder on the back of my husbands truck he threw it away after 13 years of patina......I rescued it and put lavender in it.  Not sure if he wants to remember all the hot /cold outdoor welding years it took to
get this patina, but I think lavender in it set's this nightstand off!

Then there is the halltree, this too came in dark wood non descript is probably 90's and not as old
as I usually like in furniture but using Paris grey, old white a light distress and  clear wax and I love it
The scrollwork that is behind it is what will go in order to have room, I am tiring of the amount of
dark iron work I have in my home!  The crosses and candles may stay I have to see, and the olive walls will
proably become cream but the color it is now looks so well with the 37 year old tile..........

I loved the granite counter top

Well thanks for looking at my goodies I get to keep!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


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