Vintage Blue Prom Dresses

I have always loved Vintage prom dresses and adore when I see pictures my fellow bloggers have of them on their mannequins or draped across antique dressers.  I have been on the hunt for one for some time

This is my favorite picture of my mother as it was her senior prom 1959, she was just starting her adulthood and I have always thought the picture to be beautiful, so this picture inspired me to look for a blue prom dress one that is my size one that I could wear for a tea party if I wanted play dress up with my daughter, or put my pink boots under and get my picture taken..............
My Biggest Inspiration my mom!
So I looked for prom dresses on etsy and ebay

Although I found many 50's era dresses in blue

Many were well "out of my price range" from 250-350.....sorry no wanna do

This one was particularly adorable

Just a few more.........

But I found one my size!!!  For 29.99!!!!! and she may not be the prettiest but she is perfect and  the one for me!

My Vintage prom gown inspired by mom and the beginning of my collection!

Also inspired by mom's blues, and she gave me the vintage lace months ago today I am making a aqua linen with cream
linen pockets apron to wear

Sometime in the next post or so I will show a picture of the new items in my room and my inspiration wall!

Thanks for looking

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Have a wonderful Day!

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