Vintage Finds and Chalk Paint

Wow!  I have been painting up a storm since my recent trip to Smitten and picking up my chalk paint.  I was going to show a bunch of before and afters..........but productivity took hold and I painted and painted and am still painting. My husband is picking and I am painting.  I just wanted to show a few pics.

Most items still here need waxed distressed and final touches, I painted all of these pieces since last Wednesday and there are more that made it to my booth. My productivity is greatly improved with this product!  I paint inside and there is no smell.  There is a slight smell to the dark wax is why I paint all first and then I will spend a day finishing them where I can open windows and blow fan rather than airing out daily.

I do plan on doing other things with my life as well just on a painting frenzy with my goal to have all painted that needs it over the oncoming week.

This turn of the century beauty just needs antique nobs My husband found her with three different plastic knobs......she wears the aubusson well! 

Thanks for looking, I wanted a record of what I got done in one week (and I did not paint all 7 days)
Have a wonderful week and I will have some complete before and afters soon!

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