Vintage Inspiration Friday

I over the last few weeks have been playing with my blog design and having fun so if my place looks different daily.....sorry but I think I am happy with the way it is now....While playing I took this picture and then put it in picnik and then put it in Publisher and played........keep in mind I don't have a camera all my pics are by iphone, one day I will get a big girl camera!  I dropped my point and shoot.......and well don't want to spend money on another I want to save for a real good one.

Original Picture

These items all mean so much to me the 1880's Farm Housekeeping Newspaper in the vintage frame is from Portland Maine, My fathers family came from Ireland to Canada and in the 1850's My great great GP Arthur migrated to Maine. (I have done extensive ancestory research the last 2 years) I lived in Maine when I was 5-6 but it was a bit cold for mom so we moved to Indiana close to all of my others relatives in Kentucky, that is why the old chippy scale means so much.  then the Hicks' Milk jar......Well Hicks is the name I took upon marrying my hubby  The jar is filled with antique buttons that were his Gramma's and Great Gramma's.  The coffee can reminds me of my grannies and I have had it for years with the rest of the set. These things are in my sewing room and I love to cherish them as I pass by.  And I have always loved the smell  and simplistic beauty of Lavender.

played in picnik to lighten a bit
then contrasted a bit, sharpened a bit. and

since I love fru fru and rust..................I thought this would make for a good  picture to add to the banner to balance out the fru fru in the white and roses and ruffled french masquerade apron..... and then I played more and pulled it into publisher,  and well if I ever publish.........Hahahahaha this is how The shantygirl magazine would be.    It was fun playing... Thanks for looking......

Of course this edition would be focused mainly on pinks and fru fru with chandi's and glamour and then I would just have to throw in some good ole rusty farmhouse chic and discuss the issue.........
I am having too much fun I better go mop a floor  or something........lalalala

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Have a Wonderful Friday and a lovely weekend with your families!  I have so much fun with my blogging friends!!!


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