Weighing in on White

I am still looking at sunroom inspirations and I have been trying to find the perfect mix of white..........something a little warm to go with natural terra cotta tiles (very old and rustic with chicken footprints etc.)

I went to Benjamin Moore and picked out three shades of white to sample 

When I realized I had picked two of the same color (Ballet White) it norrowed my choice down to two

Ballet White and Cloud white

Out of the two I weighed in with Cloud white however it is still not the perfect white

Should my perfect white have Grey tones or cream?

Here are inspiring shades of Creams and whites

Should my sunroom be shaded with creams or should it be a pure white??
(clothing found at Modcloth, the center picture of white blouse sundance Catalog)

Perhaps you are aware of the "Perfect Mix" you may have experiencing mixing two whites together?

image from Shabbychic.com
What Would Rachel Do????
to Help me get something like this

starting with this?

So Friends what whites do you love and what do you think I should sample next??

I am linking to
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 White Wednesday at Faded Charm in hopes of the white experts chiming in!!

Thanks for you comments on white I greatly appreciate your input!

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I appreciate your feedback!!

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