What a day.....

Okay you know your day may be heading in the wrong direction when you go to help your child in the car and you step in dog doo, like a bunch of it...... and you have to run and change your shoe. Then the car has the door is open light on so you go to lift the trunk that is not closed all the way and one of your sons furniture items that you helped move and did not take out of the car yet, slams down on same said foot...
Then you have an appointment that you are on your way to and they call and delay you for 2 hours so you stop and get coffee at your favorite place and when you get home you realize you do not have your wallet, you then call said place and it is not there so it must have dropped out of the car..... I did call and cancelled all cards etc., and there was no cash but still, I have to go get new Dl and SS ect.

But your day turns around when you make it to your appointment and outside you see a rusty ole pick up truck and you remember that you like vintage things and there is an antique mall down the street you have not went to before.......

This lovely little ad was at the Arlington Texas Antique Mall, this apron ad was from early 1900's
I did not see any french flea or shabby chic/cottage style booths.  I realize not all vintage lovers have the same style and it was a nice place, I will check it out again later.
So since I did not totally get my antique fill and was still stressing about my wallet..... I went to North Richland Hills Go-lightly antique mall and was inspired by quite a few of the booths there
Here are a few that  I really enjoyed looking at.
Loved the canvas bedcover, burlap pillows and the cages???
thought this setup was cute,  Abby and I love antique bird cages
This booth had me thinking....I have just replaced my bedsheets as there were holes in my old fitted sheet,
the old ones were very soft and not cheap when new so instead of throwing them away I am going to sew pillow covers like the ones in the back, they are tea stained cotton. I can do that with my top sheet of my king set and it will go well in our room, repurpose idea!! Loved the burlap pillows.  The curtains in the back are
also tea stained cotton very rustic yet feminine! Love it!
Thought this was pretty
This hutch would make a wonderful fabric hideaway.................I'm just saying.....
I loved, loved, loved this peace and it was priced very reasonably. I am just not sure if it would work in the sewing room, I could hang aprons when done in the side part and put fabrics ect. in drawers and abby could chalk on the board.........Need to have a garage sale soon to get rid of old stuff before I  bring stuff in!
So when I realized that life throws little things at you just to make it interesting I went home and completed my burlap bag that I had started over the weekend. I also walked and played soccer until it looked like rain. All in all it turned into a great day. Dog poo, wallet loss and all!
I started playing with Alice's vintage buttons and got inspired to make a burlap bag
vintage goodies and my new stamps I got last week, I was just playing as I am waiting on sew in labels and wanted to put a label on my pocket and I liked the pocket and did not want to put it inside a purse.
I had alot of fun and had alot more ideas on how to change this bag up and make different ones.
Burlap, vintage linen pocket, vintage buttons some pearl some glass, vintage irish crochet rose with vintage lace trimmings, unbleached cotton inside and handles
I have a pocket on both sides of mine.........I wanted to make a burlap pocket and flower.button out of  pink satin that mom gave me yards and yards of, and french rose fabric.....

"There must be two sides to every story"  Song I could not get out of my head when sewing two "fronts" to this purse song was in honeysuclke rose circa 1982......Willie Nelson, Dianne Cannon

Be back soon!!  Life is good!

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