What else is up in the attic??

Early this morning I cancelled  my garage sale as we changed from 30 percent to 75 percent chance of rain for today and tomorrow...............I rescheduled for next weekend, weathermans says it will be sunny and beautiful. I did have 4 cars come this morning (they saw my add on craigslist) and I let them take a look and had wonderful early morning conversations with several ladies! I was in my pajamas but had a really good time, good conversations, I am so glad they came anyway and I sold alot of pampered chef and shabby chic picture frames! It was fun.

So this week after going through the attic for sale we found another cool box

My husband is a pipeline welder (and an inventor with a patented tool he developed for the bore drilling industry!) and 15 years ago on a jobsite  they were digging up a road in  Fort Worth around the stockyards area in order to lay gas pipelines and many of these bottles  he came home with from that dig they would have had to have been buried before the road was put in and it would have been pre 1920's, there is another whole box somewhere in the attic with larger bottles that were very special we are still digging and coming across things. These were put up in the attic and forgotten about along with some old fruit canning jars and there was another jar of buttons from my husbands Dad's Grandmother................I love old things! And Just wanted to share my pictures of the old bottles, not sure what we will do with them but they need not stay in the attic!

What's in your attic?????

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