What if? I need Opinions please!

What if I took the hutch from the sewing room (there are many more beautiful pieces that could fit in it's place)..........and put the one that matches it but just needs painted that is at the antique mall down the street on layaway (sell more things on craigs list that I am not using and get her out of layaway quick!)......and then place both the hutches on either side of the fireplace like so

I am really trying to lighten up room without painting the Wood Lawyers Cased Wood Paneling, this is very good quality wood and I am afraid I would regret painting it and the upkeep would be unreal as I painted the same paneling in the kitchen white and it really needs updated once or twice a year to look fresh, so I thought I could add alot of white to this room to lighten up the wood.

What do you think? Chandelier, more painted furniture, lots of light throws and pillowson on the leather furniture , ruffled slipcover for ottoman?  I am dreaming of some white tie top Pottery barn drapes that would lighten the whole wall to the left. I would love to paint Ceiling a  lighter neutral color and  fau the beams to look like light beached wood?
 I think it might lighten this room up. Do you think it would be cheesy or do you think it would be like built ins with character? Of course I would need to hang the big ole tv above the mantle then?

Here is another area I played with today, I took some Texas style Coffee table books and put them on a cake stand, brought out some of the bottles my hubby dug up in the Fort Worth stockyards and though if I could put little fresh rose buds in them and find another lamp and possibly paint the end table, I put one of the doilies I crocheted on top. Trying to create a little farmhouse romance/ Leather and Lace type look for this room. Not too fru fru and not too cowboy, and a alot more vintage than what I have

What do you think??

I appreciate opinions!

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