White Industrial Chic Finds at a Barn Sale in Texas!!

Sunday I posted that I had went to two Barn Sales, I showed pictures of my 35.00 adjustable heighth vintage mannequin that was my size and  now here are the pictures of the "other barn sale"

We were minding our own business turning out from our street to go to Fort Worth  and low and behold what did we see.........

Brakes........................stop everything there is a White Barn Sale sign.

and a White Barn.This was a barn estate sale where the older couple were moving and selling off land and House and Barn and all in it
I did not get pictures of inside.....I am still thinking about going back for a round maple country table circa 1950's with 4 captains chairs.........becuase well it was marked 20 and my Gramma had the same set. but I don't need it. HMMMMM

Minus the mannequin who's outer layer is being bleached as it just zipps off she was the Fort Worth Will Rodgers Barn Sale find for 35.00, but the rest of these items were at the neighbor Barn Sale
I would expect to find a chic feeder and some old cabinet hardware for shelves and some big tins for water or feed but the aqua hobnail ring/what not dish or ashtray.. and the items below I would not expect to find in a barn....... Well I have to tell you the only item they intended to sell me was the aqua glass piece, the other items were put far back in the barn as they thought they were not worth anything........They looked at me like I was completely crazy for wanting to put these items in my car the lady said honey they are old dirty junk........so I can safely say I got the bargain of a lifetime.

I am still cleaning and I took the 1970's fabric cover off of this The top riveted part is doing nicely with cleaner and will not need recovered but the bottomis two pieced and the top will need recovered. It is a late 50's early 60's Hospital Medical Examination/surgeon stool from Pedigo  1947 moved to orange county  California in 1960 ......
Below on the other stool is an industrial warmer tray like the kind they keep over steam in restaraunts to keep food in I love it.........., one could sit it ontop of the tripod tray full of ice and some refreshment and put the
medical stool next to it....
It can swivel down low to say be used at a vanity or high up to reach an examination table or bar,
 the second grey/white stool is from the same era but is a
Salon stool made in California by Kayline  These each retail new for 226.00 and 185.00......The industrail whites remind me of back in the day when Medical and Salon professionals wore white and the women wore hose under uniforms.....with those little caps and White shoes no tennis shoes
Here is today's model by Pedigo I like the 60+ year old white riveted vintage with a little rust and alot of personality version better

Oh and the dirty adjustable height 3 legged rolling tripod tray.........The only other I could find online was at a business in Hollywood that rents 50's and 60's salon equipment for Film shoots.......

my blue ball canning jar with beautiful flowers would look cute on this next to the cleaned upholstered medical chair oh the possiblities of mixing glamour and rust...............

Why are these  Medical and Salon  Vintage industrial chic items so cool to me.....?

1. I am weird and love mixing glamour and a little rust,

2. I used to be a hairdresser and was a traveling salon educator for a major salon corporation in our area when in my late 20's after my long waitressing stint..........Another place where I loved industrial type items. Restaurant kitchens are very cool!

3. When very young I wanted to be a nurse.

4. in my 30's I worked for a large Hospital organization in the Information Technologies department training Dr.'s and Nurses and office personel to access medical records online via phone.

(all of the above)
in my 40's now and having a blast!!! Junking, sewing/creating/designing/blogging.....painting........

 Oh and I also found the coolest white shabby chic lufkin expandable wood ruler.......I will call this picture
Weights and Measures!!

or this little more tattered version

I just found out I like playing with photo's of objects

I found many more items and will be cleaning and listing in my etsy shop over the next week. And my husband just informed me he is taking Friday off to take me to a large flea market so we can go the first day before they sell out of everything........I pray to find a french settee soon for the sunroom....But I am in love with everything I am finding.......I mean alot of these Industrial chic things could be used in my Pantry/ laundry room.... That has the industrial restaraunt pantry shelve

Now I also love fru fru I am a girly girl, but I like to mix it with rust.......

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