White Wednesday

Today I am showing my whites and linking my post to White Wednesday over at Faded Charm, I had thought about painting my living room and going completely shabby chic for years, I however did not want to go too  frou frou, with Rachel's new book and all the photo's of her prairie and all the inspirations in my "Romantic Prairie" book,  I was inspired to to go a little "Shabby Prairie" in my 1979 Ranch house, it is still in the works as my furniture/antique business has been really busy I will paint a wall, stop and work on furniture etc.  I am doing this room with my earnings and the majority of furniture I already had and the rest was flea market finds, the chandeliers were found from another dealer at Uniques Gallery and I can say I earned em by doing custom paint work for another client!  After  months of painting and building my business I did splurge.........and got a few things from Shabby Chic  Couture that I adore!  I will take more pictures when room is complete but for White Wednesday I wanted to post progress! This is a work in the raw, warning you will still see some mediterranean "Brady Bunch" Orange and Brown............

Painted coffee and dresser on back wall in Dove White, walls are French Canvas, Chandeliers are 1940's and I am looking for electrician!  Pillows are Shabby chic Couture, Texas Star is fitting I am in Texas and love the "Shabby Prairie" look, Shutters are in a light grey, Curio Cabinet is in "Steel Wool".

Meet Faye, My hubby brought this home for me to sell.  NOT

This French Dresser holds all my Ancestors photos in neat tidy drawers and compartments it is painted in French Canvas, I have photo's and letter dating as far back as the earlyb 1800's and wanted them accessible and organized so my family can go through them whenever they want and enjoy them. I painted the old wood pottery barn candlebra's in a blue and drybrushed with white, got my RA Rosary with my painting money, love it~ and that I earned it with my hobby

My window box has 8 old canning jars with lavender and roses, I put a couple of flea market silver bowls and a candle, this dresser was my hubby's find and houses quilts to pull out and wrap up in

curio in the works and my "French Birds nest" night stand, hubby found this stand without drawers, sawed in half added hangers to the back I painted in Louis Blue Chalk Paint, old white inside and.............

I will have a birdsnest in my rafter!!  I will add pete moss and natural branches and my birds and nest's that I have in my booths

THis French Provencial birds nest has drawn alot of attention, I have made others custom order and I want a smaller version in my home!
This is the area that goes to the kitchen you can see the madness going on the with the ceiling, Next week the pics will be all "French Canvas

The flat screen now resides on a french buffet server, I am painting the beams on the ceiling a steel wool color and dry brush with white, kinda gives the effect of driftwood, this is alot of hand painting with a brush on a ladder for me......., I wish they were natural wood but they are painted brown, I had thought about painting it all white but it got real "Churchy", I think I still need some contrast.

Fireplace mantle hubby brought in for me to sell......again NOT, I painted white dry brushed with steel wool, put a garage sale mirror, a few bottles from our collection and on the side of large mirror are two old vanity mirrors that cost next to nothing!

Shot of back wall that heads into sunroom (that is also mediterranean orange and will be another reveal soon!)  All my window treatments are natural shutters and I pulled this seagrass rug from sunroom

Loving my Union Jack and I painted hundreds of pieces of furniture the last 7 months and decided to splurge on something!  I have toyed with slipcovers for my 13 year old leather nailhead furniture set but I have to say, it gives wonderful contrast to the white, I love taking a wash rag and just wiping off I got the leather for easy cleanup and I still love my leather!  I may make a cover for one piece or the ottoman, not sure yet.

Closeup of the French Empire drop 1940's chandelier set that I got from another dealer at Uniques Gallery in Roanoke, Thanks for the awesome deal Yoly, love Uniques!  I have to get an electrician to drill new holes in beams etc....

So my next "White Wednesday" will be a reveal of this room completely finihsed may be one or two Wednesdays away with the electrician and all.  I have been talking about doing this for over a year, between energy, money and time it has just taken a bit.  What do you think so far?? 

Thanks for looking at my "Shabby Texas Ranch House"

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