Yesterday's Furniture Renovations

I moved my furniture and put a tarp down in the sunroom (sunroom still unpainted)  This gave me the ability to paint furniture in the air conditioning looking out at my pool and back yard, it was so pleaseant that I just painted, painted and painted being perfectly comfortable. Here is yesterdays work  A few pieces still need wax and a little distressing but here goes.

End table, mirror, a few smalls.  I am enjoying sanding the tops of wood tables staining and painting the rest for contrast. If the top is beautiful wood then it stays!

Just loving painting with air conditioning and a pool view. Jumped in the pool after my work was done!!

My husband "picked" some of these pieces for me I am loving the two tone french blue and mahogany magazine table.  I am enjouing aqua, french blues, greys, stark whites and creamy antiqued white, two tone is one of my favorite things to do!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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