About Us



We are Sherry and Melvin Hicks, We have been Antique Dealers since we were married many years ago, we successfully blended a family of 5 kids for 24 years,as of this writing and we still have a daughter, Abby, at home. We are blessed to be called Granna and Poppa and we now  enjoy a very large tribe


In 2012 Sherry and daughter Abby were looking for Soy Candles to enhance the family Antique Business, We had several booths at several Texas Locations. After alot of reading and researching we started the long road of pouring and testing every wick, vessel and scent combinations along with all the different soy waxes available on the market until we came up with a perfectly clean burning, beautifully scented and vintage inspired packaged candle to sell in our booths.  We were contacted by others wanting to wholesale our candles,that really built our confidence in our product and the feedback was amazing, we even shipped our private label collaborations as far as the United Kingdom. At that time we developed and still maintain a few private label accounts to wonderful boutiques.

(Our Humble Soy Candle beginnings in 2012)

In 2017 Sherry embarked on the idea and process of designing collections with the intent to wholesale to the trade and to be sold in  Boutiques and Salons.  After working with a wonderful graphic artist, and running ideas by her family members, and taking little steps as she wanted the company to grow organically, the official launch of the HicksChandlery.com Website and the realization of her dream to be able to wholesale and share our product with others was officially June 1, 2019.  Apothecary, Soaps and Handmades will continuously be rolled out as they are crafted. Sherry is so excited to have her own fabric designs to sew with!

As Artisans and Makers it is important to the Hicks Family to always keep what we can do within the family and possibly a couple friends, we do not aspire to be a factory. Sherry wants to keep it organic and live an artisan lifestyle and keep the business a Small Batch Artisan Chandlery. Melvin maintains a long career in the Oil Field Industry , We are forever thankful of his career allowing Sherry to stay home with Abby and explore her creativity after 13 years as a waitress, 5 as a  hairdresser and a traveling salon Educator for a Hair Salon Chain, and then 8 years in the Corporate Offices of a Large Hospital Administration. 

Along with Being a Chandler/Soap Maker. Sherry uses her skills she learned from her mother and Grandmother and Great Grandmother, sewing and Crocheting/Painting, Quilting and restoring furniture in the Studio of their  Historic Victorian Home.



Melvin as Sherry says is "The best picker in Texas".  All my antique buddies have relied on him to keep them stocked!  Abby, picks a little, pours a little and crafts a little in her spare time. Abby is now a  High School Student, very actively involved with her High School band and a member of the Color Guard Team!

Abby often accompanies us on what we call "Hicks Picks"  she has been going since she was an infant and is a natural!

Common scene at the Hicks House after a Pick and a little paint brush touch by Sherry before moving on to our Retail Location


Other family members have acted as Photographers, Writers, Videographers for the family business and we hope to introduce them on Instagram and our blog as we travel along our journey.

These two Hicks Boys need to model for our "Mandle"  Candle, don't you think?

Laughter and smiles are often found here at the Chandlery!



Thanks for visiting us Ya'll!  And thank you for appreciating Handmade Small Family Business Artisans! We appreciate You!