Our Process and Candle Care


We feel that home scents can help create a memory......have you ever had dejavu walking past a rose bush, a yard full of magnolia's, or walking into a store or a restaurant, the scent took you back to a person a place or a time. We feel  Energy, Calm, Love,  Mystique, Comfort, and many more feelings can be felt when having certain scents in your home.  Let us help you make your mark and your memories!

We strive to create the cleanest burning Eco friendly candle on the market, We start by selecting 100 % American Farmed Soy Wax.  We use only the finest Phthalate  free fragrances and infuse with essential oils. Pure Essential oils are very expensive and do not produce a good fragrance throw without a carrier, this is the only thing that keeps our candles from being 100% natural is the small percentage of synthetic carrier used to allow the essential oils to throw fragrance in a burning vessel.  It was also important for us to find vessels that are Reusable and make a smaller imprint on the earth. (read Journal for Drink recipes!)

Our Wicks are 100% textile grade cotton primed in vegetable wax, we double wick our larger candles in order to reach a full melt pool sooner and release the fragrance into the air faster and for a more even, beautiful, waste-free burn. 

We truly are a Small Batch Artisan Chandlery, We are family owned and we pour right in the kitchen of our 1903 Historic Victorian Home.  Our large Candles are poured in batches of four, we melt our wax get it to the perfect temp add fragrance hand stir then wait a bit longer to achieve perfect pour temp and we feel that this cannot be done with larger batches, we are perfectionist and we feel, in the final product it shows. 

The nature of soy with temperature and fragrance can be slightly different from the very whitest white to the more vanillin added  to a fragrance, the soy will turn a more oatmeal color, this is the nature of 100% Soy wax, we embrace these differences and feel that natural is the way to go!

For the cleanest burn we chose not to use dye in our candles, we feel this is more aesthetically pleasing as well. (for the very cleanest burn please read candle care!)

We self print our labels and We hand-stamp each scent with Acid Free ink, we put candles in Kraft Packaging that can certainly be recycled but we feel can also be reusable in your home.  (read our journal for ideas!) We use recyclable Kraft raffia to nestle our Wax Melts (that are individually poured! no need to break off!) and the raffia is used to package our candles for shipment, please recycle!

We allow our Soy Candles to cure for optimum fragrance throw, we will not release a candle before it's time!


Candle Care

Upon receiving your candle please remove from packaging and take dust cover off before lighting!

Double wick candles-light both wicks

It is important with Soy Candles to allow a full melt pool on each burn if you extinguish the candle before it has melted the full width of the glass the next lighting it can tunnel downward. This is why if you are burning say for a very short time while taking a candlelit bath we have the smaller size candle that will achieve a full melt pool for smaller spaces or for shorter burn times.

Please DO NOT place burning candle by a fan, under a draft, near curtains or anything flammable,  in reach of children or pets, never leave burning candle unattended! Do not move a burning candle. After extinguishing candle and, after it completely cools,  before lighting again - trim your wick to 1/4 inch before lighting! Make sure the double wicks are trimmed evenly and that you discard the trimmed wick in trash and do not let wick debris fall in the candle for the cleanest burn.

We carefully chose vessels that not only are drinking glasses but have one half inch of glass on the bottom, allowing candle to burn completely to the bottom, wasting no wax.

After Wax is completely burned and there is no more candle , allow glass to cool, I take a spoon and pop out the wick holder and discard then clean glass with hot soapy water and rinse, occasionally I will need to use a scrubby to take the adhesive that was used on the wicks off. After this step I pop in dishwasher to sanitize, and I use my glasses for drinking glasses. Check out our Journal for recipes!


Wax Melts

We pour each wax melt individually, you don't have to break them off.  Pull a wax melt out of your Kraft box making sure the raffia does not  go into your burner.  Our melts are very strong you will have to gauge  size of room and the strength you like when choosing one or two.  We burn our melts for two days at least some scents will last even longer. When you no longer smell your melt dump wax in trash never in sink, use instructions on your burner to clean your burner. Keep burner out of reach of Children or Pets!  We hope you reuse your gift box........we will be crafting with Kraft boxes look for ideas coming soon on our Journal!

Linen/Room Sprays

Our room sprays are water based and linen safe. You can spray into the air, and always test materials before spraying. I use my lavender spray with my ironing, a spritz of it on a washrag and toss in the dryer.....you can even spray on your air filters, and in your car. I spray my favorite scents to layer with a candle or wax melt on my drapes, in the air, on the rug, couch again test a small area before spraying. Never spray on skin! I will have a candle in one room, a wax melt in another and a spritz of spray around when entertaining to fill the entire house with lasting scent. Our Sprays are poured in Glass Boston Rounds please recycle or clean thoroughly with soap and hot water and find ways to reuse!


 Feel free to contact us with any questions you have!