Calico Rose Votive Candle
Calico Rose Votive Candle

Calico Rose Votive Candle

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Rose +  Musky Woods +  Heliotrope +  Tonka Bean

She stood strong when crossing the prairie to make her home out west,  she brought her mothers best Tea Set from England on that wagon, through the mountains and rivers and dangers -  that Tea set did not break.  She brought  her favorite Calico dress, and  when she helped establish the family homestead, in her garden the first thing she planted were the saved seeds of her grandmothers antique Teas Rose bushes.

2.5 oz. Soy  handpoured in a reusable Jigger/Shot Glass Round Kraft Cylinder Packaging
Phthalate Free Fragrance and Essential oils Minimum Burn Time 20 Hours
Single Cotton Wick Hand-Crafted in Texas