Gypsy Lace Votive Candle
Gypsy Lace Votive Candle

Gypsy Lace Votive Candle

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 Jasmine + Vanilla Beans + Musk

A Bohemian Gypsy with lace and chiffon layered skirts twirling in the wind dancing to the beat of her own tambourine there is laughter there is joy there is mystique, the windows of her caravan wagon also covered in lace, patchworked together telling her story, she wastes nothing she wants for nothing, she is free

2.5 oz. Soy  handpoured in a reusable Jigger/Shot Glass Round Kraft Cylinder Packaging
Phthalate Free Fragrance and Essential oils Minimum Burn Time 20 Hours
Single Cotton Wick Hand-Crafted in Texas